Núna hefst undirbúningurinn

Í kjölfar þess að fréttir eru að berast um nýja deildarskiptingu og að landsliðið okkar leikur heima. Barst okkur bréf frá Olaf Eller sem við birtum hér

The icehockey season 2010-11 is running out

The season showed development for the Iceland icehockey
The U 18 promoted to division 2,
The U 20 was relegated to division 3, but it could have been bronzemedals as well
The seniors got another bronze after a close game vs the poolwinner Romania

To develop the Iceland icehockey, we can look on the past tests. It is important to develop the condition to hereby increase the skating level. The lack of condition is obviously, due to the test results, the fall on around 3 secunds from skate 1 to skate 2. The power in the legs is all around acceptabel, but the power in core (Olympics and chins) must be raised. I do hope that you, as an individual player will injoy to make improvements in 3000 meter, chins, stomach and olympics.

Then we are on our way to take the next step and hopefully you will enjoy your 2011-12 season even better.

Today its a huge inspiration to face that Iceland will host the 2012 Mens senior world championsship in Reykjavik. You will face Estonia, Serbia, Spain, New Zealand and Croatia in the middel of april.

Its gone a be the biggest challenge for Iceland icehockey ever to be number 5 in that pool.

And you have to be well prepared for facing 5 games in 7 days on that level and it doesnt matter who the coach are.

Your preparation starts right now.

Enjoy your summer improvement.

Olaf Eller