Bréf frá Olaf Eller

WHY BE SATISFIED WITH BRONZEMEDALS     My name is Olaf Eller, I have been  involved in hockey for 40 years, as a player and as a coach. I am a  level 3 coach. Educated in the Swedish Icehockey Federation System. I have won medals as a player as well as a coach.   I look forward to  the challenge to win new medals with  the national team of Iceland.   Iceland as a hockeynation has been climbing over the past years. To take new steps, you, and eaxctly you  have to take new steps  to make the national team stronger.   To make  improvements countabel I have together with the league coaches and the board decided,,to make a test system for the Iceland Icehockey. The tests will take place in December, March, May and August. It will   give you the chance to improve from December to March. In this way the whole team will improve, which is the basic for new steps for the Iceland Icehockey.   When I was visiting Iceland in the end of november I saw a lot of power and good attitude from players , coaches and leaders,  lets build on that .   Medio March we  will run the first camp for the senior national team for 25 players and 3 goalies on our travel to WC in Croatia   As we all know it is not a vacation-trip. It requires your outmost in two weeks. And it is  each and every one of you. Be physically prepared     I  hope you are ready to take the challange,       WHY BE SATISFIED WITH BRONZEMEDALS .                                                              OLAF ELLER                                                 Head Coach of Iceland Icehockey