Armenia - Iceland 4 - 5 (2-0) (0-2) (2-3)

Last night the 6th game of the tournament was played, Team Armenia, the big surprise of this tournament, faced off against Team Iceland. Armenia, a team not considered as a contender for gold or silver in this tournament by most hockey enthusiasts, has turned a lot of heads with a good showing against Turkey (8-3 loss) and a convincing victory against Ireland (6-0). So when the game started, Team Iceland had 4 points, after wins against Ireland (8-0) and Luxemburg (5-2) and Armenia had two points. With a win in this game Armenia would leave the tournament wide open.
Armenia started the game with a flurry of activity had a shot hit the post and a couple of near misses. Iceland drew two penalties early but did not concentrate on killing them off, but clearly had their minds set on scoring even when they were down one man. Armenia scored on their second penalty at 7:42 of the first period. A cross ice-pass hit the skate of an Icelandic player and was redirected into the goal, 1-0. About 8 minutes later Armenia again scored on the power play. A loose puck in the goal crease and well positioned forward at the side of the net changed the score to 2-0.
In the second period Iceland was much more determined and pressured the Armenian team. The Armenian team got into penalty problems and on the power-play Iceland scored their first goal with a hard shot from the blue line by Icelands #25 Ingvar Jónsson, that hit the underside off the cross-bar, and bounced off the ice into the roff of the net. Time of the goal 27:33. Two minutes later another shot from the blue line, again on the power play, was redirected and made the score even at 2-2.
In the third period Iceland really started playing better. However Armenia scored first in the third to make it 3-2. Iceland continued with its game plan and equalized again, less than 20 seconds later. Iceland then took the lead at 51:28 and added another goal at 52:55 both at equal strength. Armenia reduced the deficit by one with 1:12 left in the period.